empowering women to live

authentic, happy

& purposeful lives

Deep down you know you’re meant for more.

You’ve been guided here for a reason.

☆ Hello, beautiful soul. I’m Corina Holzapfel [spelled hole-zap-fell],

Human Design* Manifesting Generator (Sacral 4/6) and Intuitive Coach/ Mentor for women desiring to live healthy, happy and purpose-led lives.

As a typical Manifesting Generator, it is my nature to wear many different hats. I love to live and play full out – to experiment, be creative, jump around and follow my many passions and desires. 

That’s why, over the years, I’ve worked in many different fields. I’m a certified naturopath, dietitian, applied positive psychology practitioner, life coach, yoga instructor, meditation teacher, craniosacral therapist, homeopath, acupuncturist, equine-assisted leadership coach, artist, you name it.

And… I’m a passionate animal communicator (did I mention that I am absolutely crazy about animals, especially horses, cats and dogs? …I feel blessed that my husband and boys share this passion with me – I couldn’t imagine my life without my furry friends ♡).

(*If you’re not yet familiar with Human Design, scroll down to the bottom of this page for more information.)



My whole life I’ve been on a path to find my SELF and become free from society’s conditioning. Maybe you can relate?


 Do you feel trapped by external (and maybe your own) expectations? Do you have the burning desire to connect with your soul and live your soul’s truth?

 Are you ready to discover and truly live your uniqueness and call BS on what others want you to be or do?

 Do you have enough of thinking that there’s something wrong with you, because you feel so different from anybody else? And does this feeling keep you from living an authentic life?

Because, deep down, you know that you’re meant for more, but you don’t know exactly how to make it happen…or, maybe you’ve already taken some steps towards living your soul’s purpose but you lack the confidence, knowledge and tools to make it real.

In any case, you’re in the right place, beautiful soul! I can assure you that no matter what your mind tells you – there’s nothing wrong with you! Quite the opposite is true. You’re an infinte soul having a human experience and with that there are some challenges. There’s a reason behind everything that you feel and do. Let me help you discover how to live youre best life by understanding and honoring your uniqueness.

Welcome to my world, where Human Design* (The Science of Differentiation) meets with Positive Psychology (The Science of Happiness), Quantum Physics, spirituality, naturopathy and soul wisdom.


Women who seek my guidance usually have one or more of the following desires. They want to:
  • re-awaken and activate their soul purpose
  • discover their unique human design and live according to their strategy and authority
  • deeply connect with God/ the Universe/ Source Energy
  • develop their intuitive/ psychic/ telepathic senses
  • create successful and purpose-filled businesses
  • quit comparing themselves to others
  • re-write their stories
  • cultivate self-love
  • and practice self-care to avoid burnout

Let me assure you that, with the right mindset, tools and strategies, there’s nothing that can hold you back!

My greatest wish for you is that you honor your unique and authentic SELF and live your soul’s truth in a world that constantly tries to influence you to be somebody else.

By doing this you will create a happy, successful and fulfilling life and business, and the happiness that arises from living your purpose will create ripples that positively affect your family, your friends, your furry friends and the whole world. How wonderful is this?

It is your birthright to love your SELF and to live your purpose. Go for it! xx



I’m so excited to share with you all that I decided to re-open my Natural Health Practice on November 1st! Woot-woot! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Starting November I’ll offer in-person appointments again specializing in women’s health (sorry guys 🤣).

What I offered before?
Classical Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Craniosacral Therapy.

What’s new?
I got certified in Raynor Massage and will also be offering Bioresonance and Human Design readings.

Locations: 105 Mile House East;
Langley (Fall 2021).

Local friends, stay tuned for grand re-opening offers! 🌟❤️

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The last few weeks have been all about studying, giving & receiving deep tissue massages...and boy am I feeling good! 💃🏻

So excited to be offering this and some other amazing healing modalities in my practice soon! Cariboo friends stay tuned 🤗❤️

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This week I’ve got a very special treat for you. I interviewed the beautiful Adriane David on how to find your true essence through mindfulness.
We talk about
✨Adriane’s journey from Type-A personality to becoming more balanced and peaceful through mindfulness meditation
✨the importance of stillness
✨my struggles with allowing myself to dive deep into mindful living
✨the simplest way to start a regular practice as a beginner
✨and much more!

You can find the link for this conversation in my bio (Instagram) or in the comments below (Facebook).

I hope you enjoy it! Please let us know about your insights, experiences, ideas or any other comments you’d like to share. We love hearing your feedback. ☺️

Have a fantabulous and peaceful day!

xx Corina 💗

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There is only one YOU. ❤️ ...

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Getting to know yourself on a deeper level, understanding the real you and recognizing where society has put its imprint on you is extremely liberating.

99% of my clients leave their HD reading session empowered, excited and with a clear view of what they want to do with their lives. If this is what your soul is longing for, read on....

Knowing your unique Human Design may be the missing piece for you to finally
❣️start a fulfilling business
❣️honour yourself and leave an unhappy relationship
❣️move to the place where your soul feels home
❣️create a better relationship with your partner
❣️understand your kids better and give them the support they need
❣️find peace within yourself
❣️truly love yourself

If you think it’s time for you to discover who you truly are and what you’re here for, go to my website and book your individual Human Design reading!

I can’t wait to guide you on your way to true happiness, freedom and fulfillment.

Much love to you
Corina 💗

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AUTUMN COLOURS in Vancouver 🍁🍃🍂🍃🍁🍃🍂🍃🍁🍃🍂🍃🍃🍂 ...

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Once you know your Human Design strategy and authority and you begin to experiment with it, magic happens in your life. Promise. Visit my website to book your individual reading with me. 💗
👆🏼link in bio

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I needed to hug a tree today. They make me feel more grounded, strong, still, connected 🌳🌲🙏🏻
When was the last time that you hugged a tree?

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In times of struggle and hardships, it can be helpful to be reminded that there may be a bigger plan beyond what you can see.

What if there is a place inside of you for you to seek refuge - a place where all is well? 

I invite you to open up to infinite possibilities and allow yourself to release tension, expectations & negative thoughts.

invite you to welcome positive vibes to help you turn darkness into light.

See what happens if you welcome the possibility that, in spite of the struggle, ALL IS WELL.

I hope you enjoy this new episode.
Sending you much love.
xx Corina 💗

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So grateful to be at this beautiful location to study Raynor Massage this week.

Gorgeous views. Majestic trees. Awesome peeps. Powerful vibes.

It’s taken me a while to pull back the many layers of conditioning, deeply surrender to my design and step into my soul’s purpose as a healer (again).

However, without Human Design I would still be unsure about my calling.

I would not know who I truly am.

I would still think that there is something wrong with me, if I think and act differently from mainstream society.

I would still stumble and fall because I wouldn’t be aware of my Not-Self (conditioning that’s been engrained in my subconscious).

And I would still listen to others more than my own intuition. I am, having a BLAST while living my unique design!

I celebrate my life as a Manifesting Generator.

I play fully out & engage in healing others.

I use my God-given abilities to be of service to my tribe.

And just like me, YOU also have a calling.

You are here to fulfill your life’s purpose.

If you’re curious about your unique Human Design and how it can help you find yourself (again), visit my website to book your individual reading.

Sending you much love.
Corina 💗

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The time to live your soul purpose is now!

Research has shown that people who live their purpose have greater overall life satisfaction. When you’re truly happy with yourself, when you have stopped comparing yourself to others because you know exactly who you are, what your strengths are and why you’re here on this beautiful planet, then, even on BS days (and we all have them now and then), you feel that your life matters! You can handle life’s challenges, feel amazing about yourself and create the successes you deserve.

Purpose and a healthy sense of identity gives you direction. It keeps you committed to achieving your goals and making a difference in the world.

Unfortunately, many women are too scared to live from the soul and the weight of expectations (our own and the ones from others) crushes them more and more down.

This woman walks through life ignoring what she really desires and who she truly is, only to

  • keep the peace for others (and overly accommodate everybody)
  • avoid to ‘let anyone down’
  • be the ‘good girl’
  • not ruffle feathers
  • stay in her ‘oh-so-cozy’ comfort zone
  • …and the list goes on.

Are you that woman?

The point is this: Your life will end at some point. And you don’t know if it will be tomorrow, next month, in five years from today, or in fifty years.

Thinking that you ‘have plenty of time’ to be who you want to be and to do all the things you want to do is perhaps the greatest mistake that you’ll ever make! Because the future is not guaranteed and time is, and remains, an illusion. Now, this moment, is all you ever have.

Work With Me

Private 1:1 Intuitive Human Design Coaching / Mentoring

This is for you if you’re ready to step into your power and live your unique human design. This is for you, if you are done with the conditioning that’s holding you back from living your best life. 

Free yourself from the fear, self-doubt and lack of confidence that has prevented you from expressing your soul’s truth. Understand what you can do to truly live your authority and strategy and release the conditioning that you’ve taken on over the years.

Together we’ll create a strategic plan for you to create your purposeful and joyful life and business – the life that feels authentic to you!

My Soul’s Purpose

A few words about myself…

My soul purpose is to empower women to honor their SOUL TRUTH, deeply connect with God / the Universe / Source Energy and help them to make their decisions from their internal power instead of their ego and mind chatter. By learning about the best ways of living their unique human design, I help women to create the lives and businesses that they love.

As an intuitive, women’s purpose coach and mentor, I offer one-on-one mentorship to women who are truly committed to following their dreams.


Thanks for being here and honoring yourself by living your truth. I feel blessed to share this journey with you.


What is Human Design?

Human Design is also called the Science of Differentiation .

It accepts the generally accepted notion that none of us are the same. We’ve all come to this world with our unique purpose, gifts and talents. 

It combines the I-Ching, Astrology, Hindu Chakra System, and the Kabbalah System all into one and has been proven by science and our DNA to be an accurate representation of our energetic body and aura. 

By telling us how our energetic bodies move and operate in this world, it has the ability to touch and transform our lives. 

Human Designs answers questions, such as:

♡ What are you here to accomplish and learn in this lifetime?

♡ What makes you uniquely you?

♡ What drives your soul?

♡ What is a reliable way for you to make decisions?

♡ Why do you feel so different from others?

♡ How can you live your best life?


Human Design Rave Mandala

There is so much to learn about yourself through Human Design.

Discovering your Definition, Type,  Strategy and Authority through calculating your free chart, is a good way to start.

And if you want to dive deeper into understanding YOUR unique energetic makeup and how you are designed to interact in the world, Human Design Coaching is the next best step. Coaching can provide deep insight into why you do what you do, what you need to stop doing (or de-condition from), and how you can move forward in your life as your most magnetic, abundant and authentic Self.

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