What is Quantum Body Detox?


Quantum Body Detox is a detoxification system that uses the science and technology of Quantum Physics to help you detox your body from all kinds of toxins – metal toxins, environmental chemical toxins, metabolic toxins and microbial toxins.

Through a process called “quantum entanglement” I can help you house-clean your body by remote treatment, which means that you can benefit from this contemporary detox treatment from the comfort of your home without having to come to my office!


My experience with Corina and the Quantum Detox was something I have never experienced before. It really changed my thinking, my life!
  I spent years putting toxins in my body and obviously got to the point where nothing mattered. I did not want to do nothing. After getting my toxins out and feeling like a different person I have a new outlook on life.
  I will never forget my experience or Corina. Thank you Corina for helping me love life🥰
Cindy T.

How does Quantum Body Detox work?


✰ During your initial 60-minute online appointment, we will create a detox plan tailored to your specific needs.


✰ After that, I’ll ask you to mail a DNA sample to my office (a few pieces of fingernail will do, alternatively undyed hair from the roots).


✰ After I’ve received your DNA sample, I will set up your detox program with my quantum equipment. Your DNA sample gets exposed to a series of hertz frequencies for the time of your detox program which will stimulate your body system to move and expel all kinds of toxins.


✰ We will begin by detoxing heavy metals from your body, followed by environmental toxins, endocrine and microbial toxins. Special attention will be on detoxification support for your kidneys, blood, liver and lymphatic system.


✰ The Quantum Detox program is a combination of intestinal and systemic detox.


A few months ago, I was feeling exhausted, in a great deal of pain and simply emotionally drained from living with an autoimmune disease and ulcerative colitis! I have been to so many doctors, had numerous tests and horrible medications that never really helped! I had simply given up on hope and figured I was left to be on medication for the colitis for the rest of my life and would always be tired and in pain. Until the day that I saw Corina’s Facebook post to join her month long program. I signed up as my last straw and am so glad I did!!! I have learned SO much about myself, body and health!!! She has given me hope and inspiration that has me now feeling so much better and will continue to work on me as the days continue. Corina discovered things doctors had overlooked. I’m currently not taking any of the medications I was on before meeting her and really am seeing changes in myself and my health every day! I am loving the changes and thank you. Corina so much for restoring hope ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Marsha R.

What if I have mercury fillings? Can I do the detox?

Yes, you can. I will run a specific program for you that leaves out mercury detoxification so that you won’t suffer from painful redistribution of these metals.

How long does the whole process take?


After you’ve had your initial appointment with me online, depending on where in the world you’re sending your DNA sample from, it may take a couple of days to a couple of weeks before we can start the Quantum Detox program. My equipment will be programmed to run and engage with your DNA for 11 days. However, sometimes a break in between is needed for reasons, such as Herxheimer reactions. That’s when we may have to allow your body to rest and your detoxification organs to catch up with the toxins that have been mobilized. In that case, the program may take up to 18 days, but usually no longer.

What if my detoxification is impaired (MTHFR, COMT or NAT2 gene mutation)? Can I do it?

You’re in good hands. Yes, you can! From my own experience I know how hard detoxification can be if you have some “dirty genes”. If that’s the case, we will take extra care to give your body enough time to catch up with toxin removal. Also, there is a wonderful way to support your detox organs with dedicated supplements so that you don’t have to suffer during your Quantum Body Detox experience. You’ll be amazed at what your body is able to do. 


I’m so glad I met Corina! I’ve been wanting to detox my life in so many ways and joining Corina’s program has provided me with tools and incentive to do just that!

Awareness is always the first step and now I want to commit to pursuing a much healthier and happier lifestyle. Thank you for your loving support on this journey. 💚💙💜

Anita P.

How much does the Quantum Body Detox program cost?

The initial 60-minute consultation, plus the 11-day remote detox program, including consistent support by text or email is worth $297. But because so many women are struggling at this time of COVID-19, I decided to offer the Quantum Body Detox for a limited time for only

How can I sign up for the Quantum Body Detox program?

If the Quantum Body Detox program speaks to you, I invite you to click the link below.

After your payment went through, you will receive an email from me within 24 hours to book your initial consultation.

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