28-Day Quantum Detox Program


Join me and 7 other women in this 28-day comprehensive program. Detox physically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually.

This program is for women in the 100 Mile House/ Williams Lake and surrounding areas who are ready to invest in their health with a program that tackles detoxification in all areas of life. Join us to cleanse out nasty toxins, limiting patterns and negativity from your body and life.

Week after week we work on the different energetic layers of your body system – starting with the physical body, then moving on to the mental body, the emotional body and the spiritual body.

The Quantum Detox Program consists of 5 online group coaching sessions and 3 one-on-one sessions with me, PLUS an 11-day remote Quantum Detoxification Program.

During this course, I’ll help you gain better health and well-being while I’m going to draw from my extensive knowledge of more than 20 years of experience in the fields of holistic health, positive psychology and personal development (see my bio for more info).

In week 1 we focus on your physical health. We will optimize your nutrition and check for imbalances in your body system through Quantum Bioresonance scanning.

During weeks 1 and 2 we will run a quantum detoxification program specifically tailored to your body to help you get rid of heavy metals, chemicals, microbial toxins, etc. In our group sessions, we will additionally work on mental detoxification through techniques, such as NLP interventions and positive psychology tools.

Week 3 is all about your emotional health. Through positive psychology interventions and solfeggio frequency healing, you will balance yourself emotionally and energetically.

And finally, in week 4 we focus on spiritual health through uncovering and dissolving of ancestral and intergenerational influences that may have been blocking you.


My experience with Corina and the Quantum Detox was something I have never experienced before. It really changed my thinking, my life!
  I spent years putting toxins in my body and obviously got to the point where nothing mattered. I did not want to do nothing. After getting my toxins out and feeling like a different person I have a new outlook on life.
  I will never forget my experience or Corina. Thank you Corina for helping me love life🥰
Cindy T.

I went into this cleanse with no expectations or history of detoxing my body before!  I came out of this experience a new person!  I am no longer addicted to caffeine or sugar and my energy level has definitely increased!  Being my first detox at 51 years young, I still have a lot of stuff to get rid of.  This is a journey and one I will continue to explore with Corina for a long time.  She is very professional, compassionate, and has a wealth of knowledge that she graciously shares with sensitivity and honesty.  I feel very blessed to have had this opportunity to join this group of lovely ladies and I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in bettering themselves, and in turn, the world around them.

Carolyn C.

In February I took part in Corina’s 28-Day Detox. I jumped on the chance to experience this detox because I suffered from emotional eating. During the physical detox I experienced incredible changes in my eating habits thanks to Corina’s guidance. We certainly had incredible support in the form of one to one meetings and Zoom group meetings. Corina provided us with tools that we can use moving forward. I loved the recipes we were provided so much that I continue to use them. 

I know this program works because I was an emotional eater and two weeks ago I received a cancer diagnosis. This information would have sent me into a feeding frenzy, however, thanks to Corina and her dedication to help others achieve better health, I am making very healthy choices.

Kim C.

 What’s included in 28-Day Quantum Detox?


5 x Online Group Coaching Sessions via Zoom (once per week) (Value: $397)

✩ Week 1: 90-minute Individual Bioresonance Full Body Scan at my office (Value: $180)

✩ Week 1+2 Remote 10-day Quantum Detox Program tailored to your body (Value $297)

✩ Week 3: 90-minute Energy Treatment with Solfeggio Healing Frequencies (Tuning Forks) (Value $90.00)

✩ Week 4: 45-minute Bioresonance Re-Scan at my office (Value $90) plus a Laser Focus Family Constellation one-on-one session (Value $195)

Continuous Support during the entire program by myself and a fantastic group of like-minded women

Nutritional tips, mental and emotional releases, spiritual healing, fun, laughter, community, and much more.


What are the dates and times for this program?



There will only be one program in 2023.

The  March 2023 program runs from February 27th to March 27th. It begins on Monday, February 27th, at 6:30 pm with our first online group coaching session (4 more online sessions every Monday at 6:30-8:00 pm).

Your treatment sessions will take place in weeks 1, 3 and 4. You can book your treatment sessions two weeks before the program starts (you’ll receive an email with the dedicated booking links).

Honestly, life-changing.
Corina, I can not thank you enough as this program has reignited my life, my mindset and my wellbeing.
I have found the courage to speak and be heard again, to face tasks head-on and not to harbour the opinions of everyone else.
I could physically feel your passion, education and experience when you speak.
Thank you again. With love, Megan

Megan F.

A few months ago, I was feeling exhausted, in a great deal of pain and simply emotionally drained from living with an autoimmune disease and ulcerative colitis! I have been to so many doctors, had numerous tests and horrible medications that never really helped! I had simply given up on hope and figured I was left to be on medication for the colitis for the rest of my life and would always be tired and in pain. Until the day that I saw Corina’s Facebook post to join her month long program. I signed up as my last straw and am so glad I did!!! I have learned SO much about myself, body and health!!! She has given me hope and inspiration that has me now feeling so much better and will continue to work on me as the days continue. Corina discovered things doctors had overlooked. I’m currently not taking any of the medications I was on before meeting her and really am seeing changes in myself and my health every day! I am loving the changes and thank you. Corina so much for restoring hope ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Marsha R.

Be prepared to exam yourself as you detox! The program that Corina has designed is very unique and amazing. I was exposed to many different techniques of inner wellness during the 28-Day Quantum Detox program.

I would highly recommend this to anyone serious about their wellness! 

Tammy F.

Corina, thank you for your expertise in wholistic wellness and cleansing in the 28-Day program! It was exactly what I needed: to feel part of a community of women interested in personal development and wellness. This program helped me to release old patterns and to shift forward into placing a renewed focus on me with new healthy habits and achievable goals. 

Kalika M.

What’s the investment for this 28-day program?


Altogether, the program is worth more than $1000 and I’m offering this today at a very special price!


If you join us, you’ll receive:

✩ 4 weeks of group coaching and support where you’ll learn from myself and the other women

✩ 3 individual treatment sessions at my office in 105 Mile 

✩ 11-days of individual quantum detox treatment

✩ and all the support you need to make this year your best year ever! 



for only $479 (5% GST included). 


If the 28- Day Quantum Detox Program resonates with you, sign up today before all spots are gone. Have questions? Email me at corina@corinaholzapfel.com

You can secure your spot with a 50% deposit. The balance will be due on your first in-person appointment in week 1.

Refund policy: 100% refundable until February 13th 11:59pm. For cancellations after February 13th, you’ll receive a 50% refund of the deposit.





Limited Availability and happening only once this year! Secure your spot before they’re all gone!

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