I’ve always been intuitive + highly sensitive.

Hey-hey, beautiful soul. I’m Corina. 

Spiritual Intutitive, Horse Communicator, Founder of HorseSense360 Academy, Women’s Purpose + Success Coach & Business Mentor. 

My whole life, I’ve been a soul seeker.

I’ve always known that I’m here for something special, something meaningful – just like you and everyone else! We’ve all come here to serve our unique purpose.

Before I became a teenager, I already wondered what this thing called ‘life’ was all about. For hours, I sat on a bench overlooking the small village I grew up in, philosophing about the meaning of life.

I was highly sensitive. I noticed things others didn’t see and feel and I spoke with animals which nobody else did.

By the time I was nine years old, my purpose had gently nudged me, maybe for the first time in my life: I was assisting in horse therapy sessions in exchange for free riding lessons. And I looooooved it!

Horses have always provided me with their deep wisdom and guidance.

That was probably the time when I became a HorseGirl on Purpose… however, being so young, of course, I wasn’t aware of it.

Not yet!


During my teen years, career choices were discussed. I was to become a lawyer or a doctor.

“Horses? You cannot make any money working with horses. And, by the way, your passion for horses is only a fluke…”

All I could think was: “If only I could work with horses and be a horse girl all my life.”


But that seemed impossible. And so, I buried my dreams.

Your purpose will find you again and again.


It will whisper in your ears until you finally listen.

It took many years for my soul to get through to me again. During all that time I was wandering around keeping the peace for others, playing it safe, being the ‘good girl’ and staying in my comfort zone. I had lost myself.

I engaged in activities and things unrelated to my soul purpose and while I was busy betraying myself by trying to silence the voice of my soul and numbing my intuitive senses, I felt more and more empty. A great sadness weighed on me like a heavy blanket.

Maybe you can relate…?

If you try hard enough to be the person that other people want you to be (to keep the peace for them and to be a good girl), you’ll, most of the time, be successful at silencing the little voice inside of you. Yet, the self-betrayal and the pain you feel will eventually become unbearable.

This feeling of emptiness is painful; you have forgotten who you are; you feel unhappy and lost. Something is missing…and that is YOU! Let me assure you that you can find yourself again! You certainly can! And it will feel like you are starting life all over – as if you are born once again.

It took a health crisis for me to wake up. Only during the darkest night of my soul, when I felt closer to death than to life, was I finally willing to commit to unapologetically being myself, honoring my intuitive/ psychic and telepathic skills, speaking up for myself and living my purpose.

What is purpose anyway?

Your purpose is not a job title or a role. Instead, it is how you express the underlying foundation and message of your life.

You are the only person in this world who can live your unique purpose and express yourself in your individual way.

Don’t waste any more of your precious time by playing small, hiding from your deep desires and living somebody else’s life. Doing this will only leave you unhappy, stuck, lost and disconnected from your truth.

Instead, begin to live authentically and thoroughly, and use your unique gifts! Begin to live the full expression of yourself, now!

You deserve to be happy and successful! And the world deserves to enjoy the beautiful gifts of yours!

Be true to yourself – now!

Please don’t wait any longer. Don’t wait for a catastrophe, such as loss or illness, to wake you up to live your purpose. Don’t postpone to follow your calling until a dark night of the soul forces you to change.

The only time guaranteed to you is now.

And you can decide right here and right now that it’s time for you to be true to yourself, and to love and honor yourself in a way that you’ve never done before. It’s your choice!

I promise you that it is safe to be your authentic self, beautiful soul sister! You can create a wonderful life and a thriving business doing the things you love most. It is safe to shine your light. I’ve done it and so can you!

You have all you need. Joy is your compass and every adversity in your life has prepared you for this moment;  has provided you with the strengths that you need to fulfill your calling.

Are you ready to create the life and business that feels really really good to you? I’d be honored to be your guide.

During our coaching/ mentoring sessions, I will help you to:


  • activate your soul purpose
  • deeply connect with God/ the Universe/ Source Energy
  • shift your negative thoughts
  • take courageous action toward creating the life and business you desire
  • achieve big successes
  • quit comparing yourself to others and finding your inner strength
  • leverage your existing business to new heights
  • …and anything else your soul desires.

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