Human Design Readings with Corina


The Fundamentals

Getting a Human Design reading is the next best step to dive deep into understanding your unique energetic makeup and figuring out how to best interact with the world.

There is so much to learn about your unique personality and design and discovering your Type, authority and Strategy are a great place to start.

During the reading we will discuss your open and defined centers, your specific channels, profile, definition and purpose.

We will also jumpstart your life going forward from here in the sense of beginning to overcome lifelong conditioning. Specific tools and strategies tailored to your needs will help you with that.

Each session is recorded and the audio file will be sent to you within the next 1-2 business days so that you can relax during our time together and be fully present.

What’s next?

To book your reading, please click on one of the options below. You will be automatically led through the booking process. After you’ve purchased your reading, you’ll receive a confirmation email with information on how to connect. That’s it!

Human Design Reading – Individual

A 60-minute reading of your unique Human Design Rave Chart.


Human Design Reading – Couples

A 90-minute reading of your and your partner’s unique Human Design Rave Charts.


Human Design Reading – Family of 3

A two-hour reading of your family’s three Human Design Rave Charts.

$ 355

Human Design Reading – Family of 4

A 2.5-hour reading of your Human Design Rave Charts as a family of four.

$ 444

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