You deserve to be happy and successful!

Hello, amazing woman!

You know what kind of life you desire.

Every day, you’d like to wake up full of energy and excited about the new day. You want to feel good about yourself, laugh with people you love, engage in meaningful work, be successful with what you do, and LOVE WHO YOU ARE in the process.

You want to enjoy deep and nourishing relationships with your family, friends, clients and colleagues and feel the joy of connecting with people who inspire you. You want to be creative and passionate and share your gifts and talents with the world.


How to get there?

The way to achieve all of this is by exploring your unique Human Design constellation, following your strategy and authority, truly honoring yourself and your deepest desires and living your soul purpose. It’s time to step up and be the bold, beautiful, happy and successful woman that you were meant to be! 

But if you’re like most women, you want to (or NEED to) make changes, but you get stuck while you over-ponder the ‘what, when and how’ of it all. And you don’t know exactly why you keep running into the same themes over and over again.

You dilly-dally around while you wait for the ‘perfect time’ to take the leap. Unfortunately, procrastination means that you never jump, or you act only when life forces you to change. 

You may have tried to implement some changes, but you feel defeated by society’s expectations and your day-to-day tasks. 

Unfortunately, postponing to take the necessary action to either activate your dream in the first place, or to grow your dream to a size that allows you to have the impact that you’d like to have is a scary truth!

You know why? Because no one is guaranteed a tomorrow – really nobody. While we spend our time trying to figure out the best way, the best timing and so forth, life is passing us– rapidly. 

The fact that you’ve lost the confidence in yourself and/ or the hopes and drive to live a successful life and run your dream business doesn’t mean that you cannot find it again.

You remember being full of creativity, plans and excitement, but you wonder where that girl went.

And then there is your inner critic, that nasty voice telling you that you don’t deserve it; that you’re not good enough; that you’re not smart enough; that all of what you wish for is for other people – not for you.

All of this is not true!

It’s just stuff you learned or began telling yourself to make sense of experiences that you were not able to process otherwise. See, your mind is like a sense-making machine. And the best way to make sense of something is to create a narrative around it. Unfortunately, your brain creates not only good stories – it frequently invents stories that harm you.

My beautiful soul sister, you weren’t put on this earth to feel like BS. You weren’t put here to struggle and not be rewarded and honored for all that you do. You were born to feel alive and happy, to use your talents and strengths, to live a fulfilled and happy life. That’s why you need to overcome your fears and sidestep the nasty inner critic. That’s why you need to act now!



Human Design Rave Mandala

I can help you to believe in yourself, re-connect with your divine purpose and take the right steps to build your dream life and business – the life that truly feels authentic to you!

As your coach and mentor, I will help you understand your unique human design and guide you in a way so that you feel deeply connected to Source. I will help you create a life that’s meaningful and deeply fulfilling. I will show you how to believe in yourself and live wholeheartedly; how to harness the power of courage, self-compassion and self-love so that you won’t burn out along the way. 

Are you ready to discover your unique Human Design constellation and release the conditioning that’s been holding you back, so that you can create the happy and fulfilling life that you deserve?

1:1 Private Human Design / Purpose Coaching

Beautiful soul, if you feel stuck in your life and you need a trusted guide who helps you to figure out what you’re here for, and how / why you keep running into the same patterns over and over again, private coaching is for you!

It’s time to trust in yourSELF and uncover your calling!


Work with me privately as we explore your unique Human Design chart and determine ways to overcome the conditioning that has kept you from living a fulfilled and happy life.

I’ll be your guide, helping you to activate your soul’s purpose, live according to your unique strategy and authority and create the life and business you’ve always dreamed of!

You will have my full attention as I guide you to understand your unique Human Design constellation. And while we explore your life patterns, I will lovingly but firmly direct you to transform your habits, let go of conditioned thoughts and behaviors and empower you to move into the direction of your dreams.



Why I became a Human Design / Purpose Coach

When I experienced the health crisis that would eventually become a blessing in my life, I felt empty and alone. It seemed like no one could help me.

For many, many years I had lived a life that was not my own. I looked for outside validation, felt not good enough, and listened to others’ opinions, rather than following my own.

It was through honoring my sensitive skills, my intuitive nature, my truth; through connecting to source, speaking to horses on a soul-to-soul level, and finally committing to my soul purpose that my body and soul could heal.

I tranformed my life and have built a fulfilling and purpose-led life and business – and so can you!

I released darkness and negativity. I cried. I prayed. I meditated. I studied metaphysics, positive psychology, traditional psychology and Human Design. And I quit seeing my intuitive gifts as a burden.

But, most importantly, I learned to stop comparing myself to others and to love and be myself – unapologetically! 

Now, it is my mission to help YOU to discover your unique human design, honor your soul truth, quit comparing yourself, and help you create your successful life and business. I’d love to hold this sacred space for you as your coach and mentor.

Let me guide you on your journey to connect with your soul, develop your intuition and live your calling.

I’ve now mentored many women to achieve success and live from their souls. Women who have stepped up for themselves and have become courageous and wholehearted women leading their happy lives and businesses.

You have what it takes to live your dream. All you need is the help of an empowering, firm and compassionate guide to help you get there. I would be honored to coach you on your way to a fulfilling life and purpose-led business.  I will help you to become the woman that you were born to be.


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