Happy Soul Podcast Episode # 10:

I Am Worthy and Loveable. The struggles of the open G-Center in Human Design

Welcome to the Happy Soul podcast. My name is Corina Holzapfel. I’m a naturopath and an intuitive
purpose coach for women desiring to live an authentic life – a life filled with joy, happiness, purpose
and meaning.
I believe that we’re all so much more powerful than we can imagine, but to live as our own authentic
self and to use our own power, we need awareness. I will help you understand who you truly are, what
you think and feel and behave the way you do, and how to live your best life.
We talk about Naturopathy, Positive Psychology, Human Design, Spirituality, Parenting, Relationships,
the Wisdom of Animals and so much more. I can’t wait to share these inspirational talks and
conversations with you.
Welcome to the show.
Hello, beautiful. So I’m so glad that you’re here today. We’re living in a very difficult time right now,
where many people are seeking guidance regarding their life’s direction. The feedback I keep getting
from so many women is that they seem to have lost themselves. They don’t know who they truly are
and what they’re here for. They have been struggling with knowing who they are for so long. And the
worst thing is that they don’t feel lovable because of that. If you’re a woman who has blamed herself
for not really knowing who you truly are and what your life’s path should look like, please know that
there’s nothing wrong with you.
It is totally normal to be confused; to seek for guidance and to question everything, because what we
experience in this time of covid-19 – it is not only a big challenge on the physical, the mental and
emotional levels, it is also very challenging for us on the spiritual level. We are being cracked open, if
we allow it to happen. We have to challenge our beliefs and our habits; the way in which we used to
live our lives; the way we thought and felt….
And most importantly, we are being challenged to look at how much we trust ourselves. Our immune
systems, our intuition, our inner guidance system. Human Design helps us to trust in our own power.
The center of the Human Design chart that is responsible for how we feel about our identity and why
some of us may struggle to connect with our inner truth, to uncover and use our innate power – this is
the so-called G-Center, our Identity Center.
Like a diamond, it sits right in the middle of our Human Design Body Graph and it sprinkles all the love
into our lives – the love of Self and others. It holds a powerful magnetic frequency and helps us to live
our true creative potential and calibrate our direction and self-expression with the frequency of love.
Now, if you are one of the women who has struggled all her life with feelings of not being lovable, not
really knowing who you are, it may be that you have an open G-Center.
What that means is that your G-Center, or your Identity Center, is white, instead of being colored-in.
Having a white or undefined G- Center brings both challenges, but also tremendous potential and gifts
to your life. As someone with an open G-Center, you may feel a little bit like a chameleon in your life.
Everywhere you go, you change your colour and you fit right in. You have the wonderful gift of deeply
sensing all forms of love and their different expressions. You can literally sense the depth of other
people’s identities, but not so much your own.
You can clearly see who all the other people are and what their direction in life is, but you can’t seem
to connect to your own identity.
Does that resonate with you?
You are attracted to people who make you feel loved and lovable, who help you gain a sense of
worthiness. Yet, oftentimes your relationships are burdened with negativity, maybe even codependency and abuse. You feel mistreated and unloved at times and you want nothing more than
know who you are and what you’re here for.
You want to be in harmonious places with people who truly love and support you, where you can feel
safe. If this sounds familiar to you, you may indeed have an open G-Center. Now, before you think that
your life is screwed up only because you have an open G, let me tell you this. You are not screwed up.
There’s nothing wrong with you. You can use this openness to your advantage. There is huge
potential in an open Identity Center. Because once you’re aware of this, once you know that this is an
area that you came here to experience in your life, that you came here to experience love in all forms,
to study other people’s identities, and from that knowledge, to find yourself, you figure out who you
want to be.
This openness becomes a huge blessing. And in the G-Center, there are different gates that can be
activated or not. Knowing these gates and their individual messages can be a blessing in order for
you to understand your true identity. There is a gate that is, for example, about self-love. Another gate
teaches us about the importance of knowing and recognizing that we’re supported in this lifetime and
that there is nothing to fear. Another gate is about compassion and so on. To explain all of the details
of the different gates, would be a little bit too much information for this episode.
Human Design is complex and everyone is so, so, so different. All of your centers and gates work in
conjunction with one another and what comes out of all of this is the expression of YOU. The person
that you were born to be. You are an amazing, amazing human being. You are a beautiful soul; a
woman on a mission with a unique purpose that’s waiting to be discovered and lived by you.
If you look at your Human Design chart and you notice that your Identity Center is colored in, you have
a different definition.
You probably know very well who you are. However, you may try to hide your true self. You may be
struggling with the question: Can I be accepted for who I am? Will others love me if they know the real
me? See, no one Human Design is better than the other. We’re all here to learn our unique life lessons,
to grow and evolve into the greatest expression of love. No matter if you have a defined or an
undefined G-Center, what we’re all exposed to is the condition in our lives; the conditioning that we’ve
experienced from our parents, our teachers, our friends, our workplace, et cetera. All of our
experiences have the potential to cover up our real identity, to make us believe things about ourselves
that is not true; to keep us small and do the things that we think we should do instead of following our
dreams and desires.
Figuring out where you’ve been conditioned is the first step in changing your life. Only if you are aware
of the thoughts that don’t serve you and how often you think them – you can change it! Only if you are
aware of how bad you treat yourself in certain areas of your life and the impact that has on your
feelings of self-worth and love-ability, only then will you be able to change your thoughts, to change
how you feel about yourself and to change your destiny.
I would like to share with you what one of my clients wrote to me after having her Human Design
reading with me. Chelsea wrote: “I was so nervous and excited about having my Human Design
reading done. It was incredible. I’m a hider of self, even to those closest to me. There were things I
knew internally that no one else would have known, but the Human Design accurately showed them.
There were also things that I didn’t know about myself, things that resonated deep inside.
I would never have even considered these, because of childhood conditioning and learned beliefs of
others. I had turned those beliefs inward, accepting others’ truths as my own. The reading has
inspired me to challenge fears and explore thoughts, ideas that I had pushed down previously. What
an amazing tool of discovery! Life-changing. Thank you so much, Corina!
If you’ve had enough of living a life that’s filled with love and understanding for others but yourself; if
you are ready to transform your life and become the happy and joyful woman that knows who she is
and what she has come here to be – to live your purpose and serve the world in a way that you always
dreamed of. Visit my website and book a reading with me!
Every woman I’ve worked with has discovered the tremendous potential in herself that she did not
allow herself to see before. And by knowing your design, by seeing the mechanics of your Human
Design Body Graph and by starting to experiment with living your design and kicking your conditioning
in the butt, your whole life will transform in a way that you never, never thought possible. I am a living,
breathing example of this and so are the many women that I’ve coached.
I hope you take this next step and finally take your destiny in your own hands. You deserve to be
happy and joyful. You deserve to have harmonious and loving relationships and the career and
lifestyle that you desire. I hope this episode has helped you understand that there is nothing wrong
with you; that you are a beautiful soul seeking to make certain experiences in this lifetime, and that
everything that has happened to you and everything that will ever happen to you is for your highest
‘m leaving you with one of my favourite quotes by Brene Brown, she said: ” You either walk inside your
story and own it, or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness”.
Be brave, embrace your story fully. Live your design and you will begin to not only feel good, but you
will thrive, sister. I love you so much. The world loves you. God loves you. We need you to be yourself
and share your gifts with the world.
Until next time. Take good care of yourself.
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