Happy Soul Podcast Episode # 9: Women, Hormones & Anxiety.

What every woman in her thirties and forties should know about her body

Welcome to the Happy Soul podcast. My name is Corina Holzapfel. I’m a naturopath and an intuitive
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I believe that we’re all so much more powerful than we can imagine, but to live as our own authentic
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We talk about Naturopathy, Positive Psychology, Human Design, Spirituality, Parenting, Relationships,
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Hello, beautiful soul, I’m so glad that you’re here today, because what I’m about to share with you in
today’s podcast may actually have the potential to turn your whole life around. If you’re a woman in
your 30s or 40s or 50s, you may have noticed that you’re not as cool and relaxed about things as you
were a decade ago. You may notice that all of a sudden you cry more easily or you don’t have the
nerve to try new things, or you worry too much about all kinds of things like your children, your
relationships, money, your health and so on.
You feel that you’re way more sensitive than ever before and you may have anxiety or even panic
attacks. You notice that your heart beats irregularly at times. You tend to startle more easily and you
have a hard time breathing and you feel tension in your neck and chest. You literally think or feel that
you lose control over your body and over your life. You’re so afraid that you won’t be able to handle
the things that life throws at you.
Can you relate to this? Now, before you say, “yes, that’s me, but I have tried so many things, Corina,
and nothing has helped. And that’s why I need to go see the doctor to get maybe on some
prescription drugs….”You might want to hear what I’m going to share with you about all of this,
because actually, once you know about the chemical imbalances in your body, that can cause you to
experience these feelings of anxiety and even panic attacks and when you learn that there’s a lot that
you can do about it, you feel empowered again.
You will know that this is not a condition that needs pharmaceutical drugs, at least not in ninety-nine
percent of the cases. You will realize that your body needs some support to get into homeostasis
again. But all you may need are some natural supplements that won’t harm your body in the same
way that chemical pharmaceutical drugs do.
So let me share my story first so that you know where I am coming from. And maybe you can relate to
this a little bit and see what hormonal imbalances can do to your body and how you can fix it.
It was in twenty seventeen when the massive wildfires burned a large amount of our forests here in
British Columbia, Canada. The air was full of smoke every day for weeks and we couldn’t see the lake
that’s in front of our house (that’s only one hundred and fifty metres away). That’s how thick the
smoke was. I didn’t know how toxic this was for my body until over the next couple of months I felt
more and more unwell.
My nervous system was in fight or flight mode. Everyone was extremely stressed and anxious as we
were all afraid to lose our homes. We had to evacuate our home. And only two days after we had
loaded up our horses and other animals to evacuate to our friend’s place, which was about 50
kilometres away, we had to flee again because the fires were coming towards their place as well. The
roads were closed. There was almost no way out. And as soon as the road was opened again, we fled
the area and this time about five hundred kilometres south where we were finally safe.
By me telling you this, you probably already noticed how much stress this has caused me and my
family and everyone around us. It was the perfect storm for my adrenals to burn out. Over the
following months, we were able to return to our home and things slowly settled down as winter
approached the province and the snow fell. Yet something was wrong with my body. My adrenal
seemed to have taken a toll. My anxiety was still high.
It was a perfect time for my body to go haywire because I was in my late thirties – when hormonal
changes had begun. Thinking that I’d need an objective opinion by another practitioner, I went to see a
naturopath who was recommended to me by a friend. To make a long story short, he wasn’t trained in
women’s health in a way that considered all the factors involved in hormonal balance. The
supplements that he prescribed to me made me horribly sick. If only I had listened to my intuition that
had nudged me to be careful and reconsider listening to his advice.
So after only a few weeks of taking the supplements that he gave me, I ended up being bedridden. I
will never forget that particular Christmas Day when I was laying in my bed, not able to go up
anymore. All I could do was lift my head. My family came to me and we celebrated Christmas on my
bed. I thought it was my time to die. Actually, I felt so weak. And by the way, I had been to the
emergency room three times within the last three weeks before that.
All they diagnosed me with was you’ve got anxiety, nothing more. You just take a prescription drug
and everything’s well. But I didn’t take it. It was so frightening, to say the least. I had lost over 20
pounds. My digestive system didn’t work properly anymore. My detoxification organs were
overloaded and not able to get rid of the toxins that had accumulated in my body. My hormones were
totally out of whack.
So I did my own research with the little energy that I had.
And I learned everything about the connection between hormones, detoxification, digestion, vitamin
and mineral imbalances, the thyroid and so much more. Step by step, I put my own treatment plan
together. I worked on different body systems at a time and I made sure to not only heal my physical
body but also my emotional body. And very slowly, I finally got better. It took me about two years to
recover from all of this, and I’m forever grateful for everything I learned during that time.
I think, if it wasn’t for this experience, I probably would have never reopened my practice as a
naturopath, which I have closed a year prior, to immerse myself in a different venture.
So that was just a little bit introduction from me. So that you know, where I’m coming from and what
hormonal imbalances and stress can do to your body.
So the first thing you need to know about your body is this: once you reach your thirty-fifth, your thirtysixth or thirty-seventh birthday, your body begins a transitioning process from the fertile phase in your
life towards the non-fertile phase.
These changes that happen during this particular time are not pathological. They’re totally normal. It’s
just that your body begins to transition into menopause. Most women think that menopause is
something that you hit when you’re fifty to sixty years old. They think of it as the day when your period
stops. But what they don’t know is that their body starts to prepare for this at least ten years
beforehand. Your hormones shift slowly and this has an impact not only on your period, but it can
also affect your nervous system and other systems in the body.
You might experience hot flashes, night sweats and heart palpitations. Or allergies may appear out of
nowhere. Or all of a sudden you have intolerances to certain foods that you were able to eat before
with no problem. You may not tolerate alcohol as well anymore, and coffee gets you a migraine. Or
you may be sensitive to chocolate and caffeine. You may feel a bit swollen in your lower limbs. You
may get hives on your skin or you have problems with your eyes where your eyes get dry all of a
sudden. You’ve got blurred vision at times and your heels become tender and maybe burning.
Or you may suffer from restless legs at night in bed. Or, you may all of a sudden have aching teeth,
but the dentist can find anything. You may suffer from bladder infections and yeast infections and
diarrhea before your period. You may have been diagnosed with leaky gut or irritable bowel syndrome
or even fibromyalgia, arthritis or anxiety disorder. No matter the diagnosis, all these symptoms may
be rooted in one condition, which is hormonal imbalance. So if your doctor diagnoses you with
anxiety, depression or any of the illnesses that I talked about before, please, please get your
hormones checked.
And I’m not talking about blood testing done by your family doctor because these tests are way too
unspecific. I’m talking about having a urine test done. This is something that most naturopaths do,
which gives you more accurate results. And if you’re not able to invest in a test like this, you should at
least see a naturopath who has experience in women’s health and who can help you by working with
your specific symptoms to find out what’s going on in your body, and help you rebalance your system
with some supplements and lifestyle changes.
You may suffer from, for example, low progesterone without knowing it,or estrogen dominance. Or,
both sex hormones may have decreased. Or, you may have developed histamine intolerance that
oftentimes shows as allergies or skin issues or a hard time breathing or flushing face and things like
that. Your gut microbes may be out of balance. Your thyroid might be under-functioning and your
adrenals may be in overdrive. Or, you may be magnesium deficient. Or, you may have even
detoxification problems that you know nothing about.
There are many reasons for what you’re experiencing right now, and it is important to find the root
cause and support your body in a way that it can balance itself out again. Hormonal imbalances can
show up as many of the symptoms and signs that I shared with you. They usually take a couple of
years to develop. They don’t show up overnight. That’s why it’s so important that you seek help from a
naturopath as early as possible. With the right supplements, you can help your body get into balance
again and avoid further discomfort, pain and suffering.
Now, the second thing I want you to know is that anxiety has a lot to do with your stress levels. When
you are constantly under pressure, your body produces a whole lot of cortisol. Besides other stress
hormones, such as adrenaline or norepinephrine, cortisol is one of the stress hormones that makes
your heart race and your blood pressure increase. What you probably don’t know is that stress is not
only bad for your heart and your nervous system, but also for your endocrine system and in particular
your sex hormones.
If your body has to produce large amounts of cortisol, it steals the precursors of other hormones such
as progesterone. And this lack of progesterone adds to even more hormonal imbalances – to more
stress for the body and therefore more anxiety. Unfortunately, most doctors and even naturopaths are
not aware of the connection between estrogen and histamine intolerance and magnesium deficiency
and estrogen detoxification and genetic mutation such as MTHFR and COMT. It can be very simple to
get your body back into homeostasis, but you need to find a practitioner who is educated enough to
know the many instruments of the orchestra of the hormonal system and how they play together and
how they need to be tuned.
If one instrument is tuned in the wrong way, the whole song they play is not harmonic anymore. So
back to my story that I told you before. You need to know that there is a connection between all of
your body’s systems, right? If you’re getting diagnosed with, for example, thyroid dysfunction or gut
imbalance or any kind of this, you need to know that all of these systems are connected and they can
be rooted in your sex hormones decreasing. And although my story may be different from yours, I
want you to know how important it is for you to question what your doctor tells you about yourself
and your symptoms.
I want you to listen to your gut feeling when you take any kind of medication when you trust a
practitioner. I want you to know that there are many, many factors involved that may lead you to
develop anxiety or any other symptom that I talked about in this episode. But with the right knowledge
and you listening to your gut, healing can be only a short distance away! for you, it could be upping
your magnesium, supplementing with a bioidentical hormone, supporting your liver, or balancing your
vitamins and minerals, adjusting your diet to reduce histamine, or avoiding foods that you are
sensitive to and so forth.
Does that make sense to you? The best way to deal with it is actually by tackling your anxiety from
different angles. You could work on stress reduction through yoga and nature walks and positive
psychology, etc. This will help you set the balance for your nervous system by engaging the
parasympathetic nervous system. And then you could, for example, work on eating the right food and
balancing your hormones with supplements. This will help all of your body’s systems work better
together so that your body and mind come into balance again.
Or supporting your detoxification organs to get rid of any toxins, microbes and estrogen metabolites,
which are also very toxic to the body, if they’re not processed properly. This could be another step to
look at. One amazing way to do this is through coffee enemas. You will find a lot of information about
this on the Internet. And if you’re open to give this a try, take a look at the resources section of my
website. I will put the link in the show notes here where I have listed the right tools to start your
detoxification journey. And if you need help with all of this, feel free to visit the link on my website, and
book a Naturopathy consultation with me.
As I said, I’ve been there myself, and in the past I struggled with anxiety and hormonal imbalances for
quite some time. I would be honoured to help you get your health back. I would be honoured to help
you ditch your anxiety and give your body what it needs during times of hormonal changes. You don’t
need to suffer through this and you don’t need to take pharmaceuticals that harm your body. There is
so much that you can do to naturally help your body and mind get in alignment again so that you can
take on all the challenges that come your way with courage and strength and you can thrive again.
Our bodies are made to carry us through this life so that we can live in joy and happiness and fulfill
our purpose. Our bodies have immense healing power capacities. Trust me, your body is only waiting
for you to finally get this and do the right things to support it – to get into balance, again. I know how
horrible you feel if your hormones are out of whack, but let me assure you that you don’t have to live
with this.
You can thrive and live your life in a way that allows you to enjoy it fully.
There is hope! I would be happy and honoured to help you on your health journey. And I can offer you
in person and also online consultations via Zoom. Your body is strong and can heal and balance
itself if you support it in the right way. It is true that the body changes and ages over time. But if you
give it the right tools, the nutrition, the supplements and the time to reflect and recharge; if you take
good care of yourself and not only care for everyone around you but yourself, you will be able to
overcome all of the nasty symptoms and live a healthy and happy life as you age with beauty and
I hope this episode has provided hope and encouragement for you to take your health into your hands
again, seek the right guidance, to listen to your gut when it comes to choosing help, and to get your
body back into balance and say goodbye to anxiety.
Take good care of yourself, please. And don’t forget that you are the most important person in your
life. You need to look after yourself first to be able to look after anyone else. I’m sending you so much
love until next time.
Take care.
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