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Episode #1: How to find your Soul’s Purpose with Human Design

Hello, beautiful soul. I’m so glad that you’re here today and that you’re tuning in to my Happy Soul
podcast. My name is Carina Holzapfel. I am a certified naturopath and intuitive Human Design reader
and a coach for women desiring to live their unique soul purpose.
In this episode, I would like to introduce you to the Human Design system, which is also called The
Science of Differentiation. Imagine how it would be if you would know exactly who you are, what you
are here for, and how to best fulfill your calling. You can live a purposeful and fulfilled life just by
knowing your true self, and Human Design can help you discover this.
It was first founded by Ra Uru Hu and combines many different ancient school of wisdom, like
astrology and the I Ching and the Kabbalah Tree of Life and the Hindu chakra system with human
genetics and also modern sciences such as quantum physics. Human Design is a comprehensive
science that helps you discover your uniqueness. It helps you understand yourself and others in a way
that inspires unconditional love for yourself and others. See, when you know who you truly came here
to be and why you are the way you are,
you understand that there’s nothing wrong with you; that there is a deeper meaning behind all of your
thoughts and your feelings and your experiences; that you are a spiritual being, having a human
experience. You will be able to love yourself and others on a deeper level and your life will be more
fulfilling and on purpose. OK, let’s dive in. Before I discovered Human Design, I never really knew who I
was, and what I was here on this earth to do with my life.
I was a soul seeker. I was rather introverted and I didn’t comply well with the expectations that were
set by my parents and my extended family.
I wanted to be myself. I wanted to wear the clothes that I love and say the things I like. I wanted to say
‘no’ to invitations that I didn’t want to go to, and only surround myself with the people that I love. But
looking at everyone else who complied with all of that, I thought that something was wrong with me.
And that’s what I was told a lot when I was young, just because I was so different from everyone. Or
maybe, because I resisted to be like everyone else – to be the person society wanted me to be.
And maybe that resonates with you on some level, right? Society always tries to put us into roles that
we are not – like we find we are not ourselves and we can’t be ourselves in this world. And today I
know that as Manifesting Generator, I live my life totally different from my parents lives who are both
And I cannot blame them for trying to change me, and for trying to make me think and behave the way
they do because they didn’t know any better. They were just doing what all the parents in the world
are doing. They were trying to raise me in the way they knew. Everyone of us is conditioned in many
ways by our parents, by our friends, by our colleagues and society. Everything that happens to us
somehow conditions us. And unfortunately, we’re not aware of the conditioning, at least most of the
And that’s why we feel so crappy in our lives. We live the lives of other people and most of the time
we don’t even know it – or we don’t admit it just to keep the peace, just not to ruffle feathers, to just be
like they want us to be. We think thoughts that are not our own thoughts, and we behave in ways that
we were taught to when we were young. Human Design helps us to understand what is true and what
is not true for us. It helps us uncover our unique design and let go of all the deep rooted conditioning.
It helps us to free ourselves from everything that doesn’t belong into our lives and to live a happy and
fulfilled life – to live on purpose. How does that sound to you?
When I first came in contact with Human Design, I learned that I am a Manifesting Generator and that
we Manifesting Generators are not here to do only one thing.
No, we don’t live a linear life. We jump back and forth and go zigzag just to enjoy our lives and play.
And we have so many different interests and talents. So everyone always tells us that we need to
focus on only one thing to be successful or that we can’t just quit something if it doesn’t feel good
anymore because we have invested so much time and money in it. But the truth is that we
Manifesting Generators have to quit. We can’t be tied down to one boring job for the rest of our lives,
we can sit in a cubicle from nine to five for decades and wait for retirement.
We need to celebrate our lives. But as a Manifesting Generator, we have so much power that we are
prone to burn out, to follow the wrong things or to go too fast if we make our decisions in the wrong
way. Then burnout happens. A Manifesting Generator and a Generator should never make their
decisions based on what their mindset is. This can go terribly wrong and end up in frustration for the
Generator and anger and frustration for the Manifesting Generator.
And if you’re a Generator, you need to listen to your sacral center, you will probably know that little
voice inside that gives you clues in and form of a-ha or
Hmm or. Un-un.
Maybe you’re a person who makes these sounds a lot. Right. I’m one of these people, right. If
somebody asks me something I’m like, hmmm, or um-hum.
So if you’re like me, you may be a Generator or a Manifesting Generator. And these sounds are your
inner GPS. You need to listen to the sounds and follow their guidance. And the same is for the
Manifesting Generator, although some Manifesting Generators are designed to rather listen to their
solar plexus center, not their sacral, and then see how they feel about something before they make a
decision. In any case, both Manifesting generators and Generators are here to respond to life rather
than initiate things.
And now, besides these two types, there are three more types the Manifestor, the Projector and the
Reflector type. As I mentioned, both of my parents are Projectors and they live their design totally
different from me. As a Manifesting Generator, I create my own energy and my aura is huge, whereas
Projectors don’t produce their own energy. They are here to guide others on their way and then they
can work great together with generators, for example. However, they should not give their advice to
others without an invitation.
That’s their secret. They need to be invited to live their design and then they will be successful. They
need to be invited to give their advice to do the things. And if they don’t follow their design, this will
end up for them and bitterness. This is when they don’t live their true selves. Not so much the
Manifestors. These kinds of people have a powerful energy and they can come across as too much to
other types if they are not aware of it.
This doesn’t mean that they’re bad people. Oh, no, this would be far from the truth. Manifestors are
here to initiate things, to bring things into being, to invent and to do their own thing.
But they need to inform others of their plans and actions. And if they don’t do this, there will be a lot of
problems and misunderstandings with their environment. My husband is a Manifesting Generator just
like me, and he has a lot of energy and can work for hours and hours without getting tired. Many years
ago, when he was still employed, he worked for a Manifestor who didn’t live his design in a way that
other people could understand. This boss would invent new things in lightning speed.
What was good the one day did not count any more on the next day, and the staff was really afraid of
him because this guy came across as majorly unpredictable. One day he even threw a flower pot in
front of staff during a meeting because he was so angry that people did not follow him. If only I had
known how important it was to inform people of his plans and explain himself better. A Manifestor
can be a blessing to all, if he lives his strategy in a correct way.
Fortunately, today, my husband and I are self-employed, so we can really play out our unique talents
and and passions in our own business. Yeah, so and the last one is the Reflector type, this is a really
interesting type and it’s pretty rare. I think it’s under one percent of the whole population. It is the
person who is the wise observer of life with a great gift of reading other people. I once told my Human
Design teacher that I would be so happy to have a Reflector in my life.
I didn’t know anybody who was a Reflector. I wanted to study this type in more detail to which she
answered, don’t you have horses? All of your horses are Reflectors. You just need to go out into the
pasture and hang out with your horses. I would have never thought of that, and it makes so much
sense, for over a decade I’ve worked with horses and people teaching leadership to managers and
helping people understand themselves better through equine coaching. Horses, just like human
Reflectors take in the energy of others and read them.
And they’re so open that then need to live a protected life. And they also have a very unique
electromagnetic aura. They basically sample the other person’s aura and then they reflect it back to
them. A very interesting and unique type. Now, you may think that knowing your type is all you need to
live your design, but that is far from the truth. There is so much to discover in Human Design.
Knowing your strategy will help you set the foundation for living a more fulfilling life.
But the Human Design Body Graph tells you so much more about yourself. There is the authority for
decision making, the different gates that are activated or inactive, the energy center that can be
defined or undefined and so much more.
If you would like to find out your strategy and authority, you can find this online at jovianarchive.com,
there is a free calculator where you can type in your name, your birthdate, your place and your exact
birth time. And this gives you your Human Design body graph. I will put the link in the description
below this podcast. And if you would like to learn more and get a detailed reading off your chart, what
you learn about your strengths and your activities, the gates and your purpose in life and the way to
best interact with the world, I invite you to visit my website, CorinaHolzapfel.com and book a reading
with me.
Human design is such a blessing, I can’t even tell you how much knowing my Human Design has
changed my life and not only my life, but my husband’s, my kids’ and the lives of my coaching clients.
It is simple, yet so profound. I mean, it takes a lot of knowledge and intuition to read a design and
interpret it in the right way. But it gives you so much information. You are here because you have a
unique calling, you know that you are beautiful the way you are.
And if you honor yourself and others in their uniqueness, life becomes beautiful for all of us. My
intention is to help as many people as possible to know their design so that they can understand
themselves and others better. I hope to help people be more loving and understanding with each
other, to raise the frequency of this planet and to make it a better world for humans and animals. You
are perfect the way you are. You are loved. Now go out, discover your unique design if you don’t know
it already and live it.
You can live a fulfilled and purposeful life, no matter the circumstances, no matter your age or
anything that may be challenging to you in this moment.
If you know how to live according to your authority and your strategy, you can make the right
decisions in your life and you will attract that which belongs into your life. You will thrive and you will
flow and you will enjoy yourself and others. You will be yourself.
Be authentic. I believe in you. I’m sending you much love.
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