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Episode #2: Two Powerful Tools to Quickly Raise your Frequency for more Resilience, Joy & Fulfillment


Welcome to the Happy Soul podcast. My name is Corina Holzapfel. I’m a naturopath and an intuitive
purpose coach for women desiring to live an authentic life. A life filled with joy, happiness, purpose
and meaning.
I believe that we’re all so much more powerful than we can imagine, but to live as our own authentic
selves and to use our own innate power, we need awareness. I will help you understand who you truly
are, why you think and feel and behave the way you do, and how to live your best life. We talk about
naturopathy, positive psychology, human design, spirituality, parenting, relationships, the wisdom of
animals and so much more. I can’t wait to share these inspirational talks and conversations with you.
Welcome to the show.
Hello, beautiful soul. I’m so glad that you’re here. Today’s show is about how you can stop feeling like
shit and navigate those crappy days that we all have from time to time. Right. Just by exercising a
muscle that is pretty much underused in most of us your mind. You can change this.
What I’m talking about is your tendency to go down the vibrational spiral when things go wrong, when
all you actually need is to become aware of your emotional state and then raise your vibration.
And this can be super difficult, I getcha, especially when you’re in midst of a shitstorm.
But there is a practical way to deal with it and to get you out of any negative mood. The more you
practice it, the better you will get at it.
Just to give you some background information on this. There has scientific research been done in the
field. It was Dr. David Hawkins, a medical doctor and a Ph.D. who developed a map of the levels of
human consciousness with which he proved that there are different levels of consciousness that are
related to certain human behaviours and our perceptions. So the highest level of consciousness is
enlightenment. We probably all know that – the state that was achieved by Buddha or Christ or Krishna
and right under this is peace and then a little lower is joy and then love, and so forth. And then it goes
down and down through a couple of steps and into the more negative stages, such as fear or grief or
apathy, guilt and shame. I think you get the picture of what I’m talking about. So what that means is
that every state of consciousness carries a certain frequency and the frequency that you radiate out
into the world is what comes back to you. This is actually a universal law – like attracts like. You’ve
probably heard this saying so many times. You can create the life you want just by controlling your
vibes – by first acknowledging what you feel, for example, anger or fear or disappointment, and then
purposefully using the tools that we’ll talk about in a minute to get yourself out of this state right into
a higher state.
Are you excited? You should be, because knowing how to do this is so important and it is the solution,
if you want to live a life full of joy and happiness and abundance and who doesn’t want this right?
Everyone wants this. So let’s dive right in. How can we condition ourselves to raise our frequencies?
First of all, you really need to make sure that you’re not exposed to negativity all the time. Easier said
than done, right? Nobody can live in a higher vibration when they’re constantly exposed to heavy and
dark vibes.
And this can come to you from different angles. I get it. The easiest way, actually, to shut off
negativity is by stopping to watch the news. And before you say things like, but I have to be informed,
please hear me out. I know it is important to know about big things happening in the world, but do you
really need to know that there was a gangster in Timbuktu who killed his aunt while she stuffed her
retirement money in a sock and tried to hide it under her neighbor’s doghouse?
Not really. See, I quit watching the news for more than ten years ago because it always made me feel
so anxious and fearful and frustrated and so on. And, do you really believe that I am not up to date
about what’s going on in the world? Every time a major event happens that I really need to be
informed about, it has come to my attention somehow. I didn’t need to look for it. Someone told me
about it in a – maybe in a casual conversation, or it somehow got my attention through a social media
post from a friend or so forth.
See if you really, really want to feel good. You need to stay away from that negative stuff. Of course, it
is different when the negativity comes from a member in your family, say, for example, from your
partner or your mom or your child. You cannot just turn them off, but you can set boundaries. My
mom always tells me negative stories when I talk to her on the phone. It’s been like that for, I guess,
20 plus years or even way more.
And I have to set strong boundaries with her to not get bogged down. I’m not joining her pity party
talk. And there was more than one occasion where I had to stop talking to her altogether for a certain
time frame so that she would respect my wish not to talk about her neighbor’s knee surgery or her
friend’s failed crown replacement or what’s always been the worst, any kind of betrayal happening in
the extended family. It’s just so exhausting to listen to these stories.
Maybe you can relate, but what to do if it’s happening in your home?
Girl, you need to set boundaries, healthy boundaries. This is your life. You have to take care of
yourself first. Nobody else will – if you don’t stand up for yourself and treat yourself like a queen
instead of a doormat. And please, please talk to your family about how their behaviour makes you feel
before you get angry with them. And if all else fails, you need to draw your consequences. What they
will be for you, I’ll leave open to you here.
Just one thing. You are the one who suffers from leaving things as they are, from staying quiet and
kind when you want to cry out and run away, and need a glass of wine in the evening just to relax and
convince yourself that everything’s all right – when in reality it is not. But that’s a topic for another
episode. Let’s go back to what else you can do to raise your vibes. David Strickel writes in his book
“The Stream”, that nobody is supposed to stay in a positive vibe all the time.
Every negativity you experience, every challenge is here actually to be overcome by you.
He actually goes so far as to say that in his channelings, he learned that we all come here to
experience these challenges and that by overcoming all of our obstacles that we oftentimes place on
our path on purpose -did you hear this? He says we do this to ourselves on purpose to then overcome
them and feel the joy of having dealt with it and be happy again.
Life is a game. If we bring this back into our awareness, we realize that there is nothing to worry
about. There is nothing to fear. You are playing this game of life for your soul to grow and evolve and –
who knows, maybe you’ve picked this exact life with these exact obstacles and hardships to learn the
exact lessons that you decided to learn before you came here
And maybe the game is to raise your vibration and become the love and become the joy. So living
your life in a higher vibrational state definitely helps you experience your life in a way that is full of
potential and fulfillment. And mindset is how your vibration speaks to you. Another powerful way to
raise your vibration is to learn to see the potential in yourself and your environment instead of being
fixated on the limitations to actually shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.
Carol Dweck, the author of “Mindset. The New Psychology of Success”, she has done extensive
research on this subject. And again, if you want to change this, if you want to start to see yourself as
the lovable and beautiful and smart and successful woman that you are, you need to become aware
of your thoughts and emotions.
Every time you say to yourself, for example, things like, I’m just not as smart as whoever else, or… I
will never be this and that, or… I’m just not good at the work I do, or… I will never have friends that
support me and love me. All these kinds of things that go on in your head, those are your fixed
These expressions, they show the conditioning that’s been happening in your subconscious mind over
your life, and they all have this negative vibe, we mostly pick up these negative thoughts about
ourselves during our childhood. So during my childhood, I had an experience where I skipped a grade
because I was very ambitious and I was very much under pressure from my parents to become a
good student. So I studied so much already at home before school even started that the teacher
didn’t know what to do with me when I was in grade one.
That’s why they sent me from grade one straight into grade three, which sounds really nice and good
and positive. And – but decisions were made against the principal’s opinion back then. And when this
particular principal in school taught later on several subjects to me and my class, I think it was grades
seven and eight and so,grades he did everything to make me feel that I was not good enough. I
worked super, super hard. But, later on,for no matter what I did, I always got a C or D, and during that
time I formed a fixed mindset which I later on found out.
I had a fixed mindset of having to study hard, and no matter how much I studied, I’ll never be good
enough. Only when I became aware of this pattern and consciously exchanged this limiting belief for
one that would serve me, then my grades got better and my school life became easier and I could
experience joy in school again. But that was after many, many years of suffering from this fixed idea.
What I want you to know is that no matter what it is that brings you down in life, you have the ability to
change it.
There’s nothing that you cannot make better. All you need to do is raise your vibration. You cannot
attract a great partner if you are convinced that you are not deserving, you cannot make and keep
money if you fear that you will lose it again.
You cannot attract wonderful and supportive friends if you are ashamed of your look. And you cannot
be happy if you constantly worry about things. You are here to enjoy this life, you are here to fulfill that
which you came here to do and be, to live your purpose, to love yourself, to love others, to learn and
grow and to be fulfilled and joyful. And you can have this if you start to work on raising your vibration.
I’ve been working on this for many, many years, and although I’m getting better at it…
I’m getting better at pulling myself out of a funk. I’m still not perfect. Life is a journey and we learn
every single day. If you do these two things: First, quit participating in pity parties. This may mean to
stop watching the news, unsubscribing from certain social media feeds or telling your mom to shut
up when she starts dumping her shit on you. And second, work on your mindset. Find out where you
operate from a fixed mindset and switch out thoughts, such as I’ll never be able to do this and that, or
it will always be that way.
Cancel this out and replace it with: I’m working on becoming good at…or… with practice I can achieve
anything I like. I can be, do and have whatever I want. I am perfect the way I am. And if I don’t feel
confident yet, this only means that I have room for improvement – and that is wonderful. I hope this
helps you on your way to create the life you want to have. I hope it has inspired you to raise your
awareness about the way you think and how you can turn things around.
And I hope you believe me when I tell you that there is nothing wrong with you. You are perfect the
way you are. You are exactly the way you were meant to be. And if you don’t feel good about any area
of your life, it’s just because there are some layers of conditioning that prevent you from being
yourself. And that’s what you need to work on. Find out who you are. Discover your human design,
your energetic blueprint, and release the nasty conditioning that you’ve picked up from your
environment when you were young.
It’s time to be your authentic you and live a happy and joyful and fulfilled life. Let the journey begin. I’m
sending you so much love until next time. Take good care of yourself.
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So that’s it from me, my loves.
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