Happy Soul Podcast #6:

How to Live Your Human Design Strategy and Authority as a Manifesting Generator. Special Interview with Kate Deriso

[00:00:00.060] – Corina Holzapfel
Hello, beautiful soul. I’m so glad that you’re here today listening to my Happy Soul Podcast. I’m Corina
Holzapfel. I’m a Certified Naturopath, a bodyworker and a Human Design reader. And I love helping
women to live on purpose, to create perfect health and to live a happy life – one that is filled with love
and peace and beautiful relationships.

[00:00:24.450] – Corina Holzapfel
Today, I have a very special treat for you. I’m going to share with you a conversation with my dear
friend Kate Deriso. Kate is such a beautiful soul. She has a ton of wisdom to share. She is a healer, a
bodyworker and a coach. She is also a Licensed Massage Therapist with a background in orthopedic
and neurological occupational therapy. She’s got more than 20 years in the field under her belt. And,
because over the years she has noticed that the mental and spiritual realms are just as important in
healing than the physical, she decided to become a coach as well.

[00:01:02.940] – Corina Holzapfel
She’s got a number of certifications in the energy healing field. She’s certified in Aromatherapy,
Holistic Nutrition and Human Design. She is a Reiki Master and a Yoga instructor, and she lives and
works out of Herndon, Virginia in the United States. And because we both work in pretty much the
same fields and we share the same Human Design type and profile, although we have very different
gate activations, there has been a very special connection between the two of us.

[00:01:34.530] – Corina Holzapfel
So, today we are talking about what it is like to be a Manifesting Generator and how knowing our
types and profiles and following our strategy and authority has changed our lives. Kate also talks
about how this knowledge about Human Design has helped her clients heal. I hope you enjoy this
juicy conversation. And before we begin, I wanted to make sure that you are aware of my Pre- Black
Friday sale that has already started for the entire month of November. I’m offering all individual
Human Design readings at twenty five percent off.

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So if you’ve always wanted to learn about your unique design, who you are at the essence of your soul
and what you’ve come here to be and do, this is the time to book your appointment. Head on over to
my website now at Corina Holzapfel.com and click the menu tab ‘Book Human Design Reading’
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And I’ll also put this link and coupon code into the show notes for this episode. Now back to today’s
episode. Are you ready to listen to an authentic and juicy Manifesting Generator conversation? Maybe
you, or one of your family members is a Manifesting Generatory. In any case, I hope you enjoy today’s

[00:02:59.500] – Corina Holzapfel
Hello Kate, it’s so great to have you here today. Welcome to the Happy Soul podcast.
[00:03:06.220] – Kate Deriso
Thank you so much, Corina, for inviting me to be here. It is a real treat to be interviewed by you. Thank

[00:03:13.540] – Corina Holzapfel
And I found it a really great opportunity because we figured out we’re both Manifesting Generators.
We even have the same numbers. We’re both 4/6’s.

[00:03:23.800] – Kate Deriso

[00:03:24.610] – Corina Holzapfel
I’m not quite sure about your authority. Are you sacral authority or are you emotional authority?

[00:03:30.310] – Kate Deriso
I am sacral authority.

[00:03:31.810] – Corina Holzapfel
Just like me. So, yeah, we have pretty much the same profile, although many of our gates are very,
very different. So we’re really different from each other. Still!

[00:03:42.460] – Kate Deriso

[00:03:43.120] – Corina Holzapfel
So, yeah, if you could start and let us know a little bit about you and how you came to learn about your
Human Design profile and how knowing your design has changed your life.

[00:03:58.700] – Kate Deriso
Well, it was… It’s been a fun journey for me. I am a body worker and I have done so many different
modalities throughout the last twenty to twenty three years.

[00:04:15.410] – Kate Deriso
And, you know, I’ve… I’ve sought out a lot of different types of support during this journey.

[00:04:25.010] – Kate Deriso
And it was about… I think it was about three, three years ago, I came across my coach and we were
doing some business coaching actually, and she started talking about Human Design.

[00:04:41.270] – Kate Deriso
And I thought, what is this magical thing that you… of which you speak, you know?

[00:04:47.630] – Kate Deriso
And so I started then studying Human Design, and it was… It was a real lights on moment for me
when I started understanding my type, my strategy, my authority and what it has done for me, for my
own personal growth has given me so much more self acceptance for who I am. And then going back
and looking at the conditioning that has happened in my life from my parents, from community, from

[00:05:24.500] – Kate Deriso
And it really, gosh, it’s just,… It’s changed so much for me. And I’ll just say, you know, being a
Manifesting Generator, we love to do a lot of different things.

[00:05:39.380] – Kate Deriso
That’s just part of who we are. We love learning. We love doing different things. And so much of the
conditioning, I think that a lot of Manifesting Generators get throughout their life as…, oh God, what
are you doing now?

[00:05:53.150] – Kate Deriso
Really? OK, is this the next thing that you’re doing? And why can’t you just pick one thing to do?

[00:05:58.970] – Corina Holzapfel
I’m just getting goosebumps! Because it’s exactly who I am to.

[00:06:02.780] – Kate Deriso

[00:06:03.410] – Kate Deriso
And it’s so frustrating growing up when you have people saying, well, you just need to find one thing
and stick to it. Right. And just do that one thing.

[00:06:13.190] – Kate Deriso
And it’s so frustrating for us because that’s not… That’s not who we are. That’s not living, living our
design. That’s not living our authentic self.

[00:06:22.880] – Kate Deriso
And so, you know, discovering Human Design just gave me permission, so much permission to be
myself and to say, yeah, I’m going to do this now, you know? And so that was the first thing that
Human Design helped me with.

[00:06:38.930] – Kate Deriso
And secondly, Human Design helped me understand my relationships so much better, and it has
helped communication even more.

[00:06:53.000] – Kate Deriso
I have a really great marriage and Human Design has made it even better. The understanding that my
husband and I have now of one another and how we communicate best has really helped avoid a lot
of, you know, arguments or just things that in the past would have been like:

[00:07:14.210] – Kate Deriso
Why are you doing that? Why… I don’t understand you.. You know. So, it has….And then the same
thing with with my father. Really understanding his type has helped our communication. So it’s just
been exponential in the growth of relationships that way.

[00:07:33.830] – Kate Deriso
So, that’s how I came across Human Design. It has changed my life for the better.

[00:07:39.150] – Corina Holzapfel
Oh, wow, that’s wonderful.

[00:07:41.000] – Corina Holzapfel
And I’m really so with you with like, really, really everything you said. Because, you know, I I grew up
and and there was always this. You have to decide for one thing, you can’t do everything.

[00:07:54.590] – Corina Holzapfel
And, and then later on, like when you follow all these business coaches that are teaching their
strategies and so many of them say you’ve got to focus on one thing. You can’t just spread your
energy everywhere. You won’t be successful. And I really thought there was something wrong with
me. I really, literally thought for so many years until I finally came across Human Design…I thought
deeply inside of me, there is something wrong with me because I just can’t focus on one thing.

[00:08:26.120] – Corina Holzapfel
I’m interested in so many different things.

[00:08:28.250] – Corina Holzapfel
And and just as you said, all my friends said, like: OK, so you’re always so interesting. What’s…What’s
new with you? What are you doing now? You know, so I found, some are making fun out of me. Others
were really interested in what I’m doing. But… There was this kind of feeling misunderstood by others
who are of a different type. And so, that made me even more feel that there must be something wrong
with me. Why can’t I just do one thing? You know?

[00:08:58.660] – Kate Deriso
Yeah, and, you know, I don’t know if you’ve had this experience also, but that even though people…
When people don’t understand that we need to do a lot of different things in order to be true to
ourselves, they say exactly what you just said.

[00:09:13.420] – Kate Deriso
But they’re trying to be supportive. But you can hear the: Oh my God, what is she doing now?

[00:09:19.700] – Kate Deriso
Right behind the voice. Like I said, what are you doing now? And… And isn’t that interesting how then
that does… We feel that energy so deeply that we do get conditioned by it and then we start judging

[00:09:34.330] – Corina Holzapfel
That’s true. Yeah. And then we like it has so much to do with not accepting ourselves. And that’s what
you just said. Like, there is so much more self acceptance, and especially when you see that body
graph right in front of you and then you notice: This is who I am and that’s why I am the way I am. And
it’s perfectly OK to be like that, you know.

[00:09:59.350] – Kate Deriso
Exactly, yes.

[00:10:01.660] – Corina Holzapfel
I’ve been really fortunate. My husband has always been supportive of it. And I figured out he’s a
Manifesting Generator as well. You know, it’s no wonder that he’s really… Has always approved my
doing different things.

[00:10:16.690] – Corina Holzapfel
And for him also, although he’s more like he’s a little more focused on less things than I am. But in a
way, he likes to play full out in his life, too. He likes to be physically active a lot like all we manifesting
generators like to do things. We like to go outside. And we live in an area where it’s really an
adventure playground, right. We jump on our horses and go on a trailride and the next day we go
kayaking and in the wintertime we go skiing. And so we really have this as Manifesting Generators, we
really have this need and desire to be physically active and, yeah, it’s almost as if we want to use all of
our energy up that we create and produce.

[00:11:06.040] – Kate Deriso
Yes, exactly. And, you know, my husband is a Generator and I’m the Manifesting Generator and we
both have same…a similar situation where we have so much energy.

[00:11:16.270] – Kate Deriso
And I know my husband would always get judged like, dude, you’re always going, you’re always doing

[00:11:24.280] – Kate Deriso
And it’s that need for all of us Generator types, right, to burn off that excess energy so that we can
sleep and recharge for the next day.

[00:11:33.880] – Corina Holzapfel
Yeah. So let’s talk about this a little bit more. The two most important things to embrace when we live
our Human Designs are actually to follow our individual strategies for decision making and to really
honor our authorities.

[00:11:50.950] – Corina Holzapfel
How does it play out for you and your life if you follow your strategy and authority?

[00:11:56.460] – Kate Deriso
I think that it’s taken me a little while to really find the groove of following my authority and my

[00:12:09.780] – Corina Holzapfel
We have to explain that to our listeners a little bit more.

[00:12:12.546] – Kate Deriso

[00:12:12.870] – Corina Holzapfel
So, our authority is actually the center in our body, that’s where we make our decisions from. Right.
And for for both of us, it’s our sacral center. So it’s that gut feeling. And we tend to listen how we
respond to something and how we do that is mostly through sounds like: Mm-hmm. If something is
right or un-un… I won’t do that.

[00:12:40.030] – Corina Holzapfel
So, a lot of us – and that’s mostly a generator thing- is to listen really to those inner sounds that we
make or even maybe even verbally express then. I’m a person who does that a lot.

[00:12:54.580] – Kate Deriso
Yes. As I sat here going, mm-hmmm…

[00:12:59.460] – Kate Deriso
Yeah, I do that. And I also find that with Manifesting Generators that there’s a visceral response.

[00:13:06.510] – Kate Deriso
So it’s not just that sound, but it’s that leaning in it…like you feel it in your organs, you feel it in your
body and you lean forward… And you lean in to something.

[00:13:19.650] – Kate Deriso
And one of the things that I, I think is true for Manifesting Generators is that we do have a tendency to
be on the impulsive side because we have such a strong, visceral reaction to something. But then our
strategy says that we need to wait to respond. Right?

[00:13:38.370] – Kate Deriso
And so, like, if I am…If I get that leaning in that: Oh, my. YES! That deep yes to something, I still have to
wait a little bit to, then let things, I guess, settle a little.

[00:13:55.290] – Kate Deriso
And then if I still, you know, a few hours later or twenty four hours later, I still feel that physical pull
towards this thing, then I know it’s the right decision. And so, that’s how I’ve come to learn how to best
use my strategy and authority for making decisions. Do I still feel that pull toward that thing that I
want to do or that thing I want to buy? After I respond and waited to respond, then I know it’s the right

[00:14:28.000] – Corina Holzapfel
Yeah, I totally agree with that. And that has been the most difficult thing for me to really wait it out,
because I tend to be way too fast with my decisions and with starting new things, because as the
manifesting part in us gives us the power to initiate things very quickly. Right? And I feel like.. In the
past I exhausted my energy a lot by just not waiting and really figuring out if that is something I
positively resonate with.

[00:14:57.410] – Kate Deriso

[00:14:58.650] – Corina Holzapfel
When I just responded to something that showed up as an idea and I thought, like, yes, that’s it! And I
just went for it only to know… To realize a couple of days later, maybe it’s not that. Maybe I should do
something else. And then I felt like I wasted so much of my energy and then I lived my not-self. And
that is deep frustration about all of this.

[00:15:27.950] – Kate Deriso
Yeah. And that’s how we know, right? Is that our signature for our not-self is that feeling of frustration.

[00:15:35.470] – Corina Holzapfel

[00:15:36.120] – Kate Deriso
And I’m the same. I’ve gotten myself into situations like that before. And one of the things that I have
learned or taught myself or you know, used as a strategy, when I’m presented with something that I
get that Manifestor side of, oh, my God, I have to have this… or I have to do this… I usually ask the
person who’s presenting it to me, can I let you know the day of or can I let you know in twenty four

[00:16:06.610] – Kate Deriso
That’s one of the things that I’ve… That I’ve started to use as part of my strategy to help me not only
avoid frustration for myself, but also not to let the other person down.

[00:16:19.200] – Corina Holzapfel

[00:16:19.200] – Kate Deriso
Because I don’t want to say yes to something, only then to come, then to find it frustrating and then
feel like I need to or want to back out of a commitment.

[00:16:29.580] – Corina Holzapfel
Right. And then we feel bad. Right. Because we let other people down and that’s what we don’t want
to do.

[00:16:35.550] – Corina Holzapfel
So, yes, it’s going to be fair, fair game not only towards ourselves but also to think about other people.
That’s a great point. Thank you for sharing that.

[00:16:45.240] – Kate Deriso
Sure, yeah.

[00:16:46.260] – Corina Holzapfel
Yeah. Yeah, I know that you have a very, very holistic approach in how you work and you have so
many different certifications and all kinds of fields like in Aromatherapy and you’re a Reiki master.
You’re a Certified Coach. And, you know, I just…I’m very impressed by all your knowledge and your
wisdom. And I’m curious – now that we talk about Human Design, how does knowing their Human
Design help your patients in their journey to release their pain?

[00:17:21.100] – Corina Holzapfel
Because I know that you work a lot with pain patients as a bodyworker in your practice. So, how can
knowing their Human Design help your clients overcome these health challenges?

[00:17:34.540] – Kate Deriso
A lot of my clients come to me because they have stress-induced issues. They have chronic pain and
they… A lot of them suffer from migraines. So, and I’ve actually had migraines since I was six years
old. So, I have an understanding of what it’s like to have chronic pain and deal with this.

[00:17:57.340] – Kate Deriso
And, a lot of these issues are physiological. That can’t be avoided. But a lot of them can be mitigated
by, you know, a lot of different techniques, whether it’s body work, whether it’s mindset, coaching,
aromatherapy, flower essences, you know, things like that. So, I work with my clients in a way that
helps them not become identified as their pain.

[00:18:28.330] – Kate Deriso
I’m sure, you know, people can have a particular condition, but they don’t have to be that condition.

[00:18:36.610] – Kate Deriso
And so there’s a lot… There can be a lot of in my sessions, a lot of coaching around: OK, well, what
does this pain mean to you? What happens if you don’t have this pain? What does that mean for you
in your life? Does that mean that you aren’t getting the attention that you need to have? Is there an
issue with your worthiness or your lovability that needs to be worked through in that way? And so,
knowing somebody’s Human Design profile is actually really, really beneficial.

[00:19:11.260] – Kate Deriso
So you can see where there are open energy centers that may be pulling too much of external energy
in, and amplifying it. That’s not beneficial for the person. That’s one way. Also, knowing somebody’s
Human Design can be really helpful in working with them on an energetic level, doing hands-on, you
know, energy healing work and saying, OK, well, let’s focus on this particular energy center and see
what changes, see what changes in your auric field and see how the pain can also change for you as

[00:19:50.240] – Corina Holzapfel
Right! Yeah, I love that, because in my practice as a Naturopath and Homeopath, I noticed so often
that people are not aware that their pains and their issues have an emotional background. And it’s so
important to really help them understand that it’s not… They’re not only…. They don’t only have a
physical body. Right? That they have an energetic body, too.

[00:20:17.680] – Corina Holzapfel
And that disease probably manifests in the energetic body before it even manifests in the physical

[00:20:26.380] – Corina Holzapfel
So we really have to work on releasing these blockages and aligning all the energy centers and
bringing mind, body and spirit in alignment again, if we want to heal somebody.

[00:20:41.050] – Kate Deriso
Yeah, exactly. And I don’t think… I think that there needs also to be an understanding in this field when
we talk about how our mind can create illnesses, or our energy can create illnesses, is that oftentimes
we don’t realize that we’re doing it. And so, I just always want to make sure that that people know that
it’s not their fault.

[00:21:02.500] – Corina Holzapfel
Right. It’s not their fault.

[00:21:04.420] – Kate Deriso
It’s not their fault. And I think that oftentimes that, you know, as a… I don’t know if this is true or not,
but I think it is, at least from what I’ve seen, is that people hold onto a lot of guilt for their…. Whatever
disease process they have or pain that they have.

[00:21:22.780] – Kate Deriso
And I think that that’s something that really needs to be worked on, that it’s not your fault that this…
that this is happening and there are things that we can do to shift that and change that.

[00:21:33.520] – Corina Holzapfel
Right. And I think that’s all….It always for me comes back to helping people understand that there is
nothing wrong with them. There’s really nothing wrong with them…. That they have… They come here
in this world, they incarnate, and they have a certain energetic imprint I like to call it. And there are
certain lessons that the soul chooses to learn in this lifetime and it’s all good, you know? Like it’s all
for our highest good, everything that we experience, even when it can be really, really painful at times.

[00:22:10.570] – Corina Holzapfel
But there are so many occasions when people tell you that their biggest pain has actually been a
catalyst for their biggest growth.

[00:22:22.420] – Kate Deriso

And that they are really, really grateful in the end to have experienced these things because it’s all
growth that’s happening, even though it’s really painful. And I can sing a big song about this because I
had quite some health challenges in the last couple of years that had brought me to my knees, where I
really also had to learn that my soul needs to grow here.

[00:22:46.810] – Corina Holzapfel
And in order to heal, I had to look inside and…And I also had to work with my energetic body, with my
mind and really integrate everything and… And start from the bottom up to just put myself together.

[00:23:01.510] – Kate Deriso
Exactly. Exactly. I love that.

Yeah. So, um, so Kate, I would like to finish this conversation by asking you about your favorite quote.
I like to ask this people, because we can learn so much about yourself. I’m really curious which quote
you will pick and why it resonates with you so deeply.

[00:23:24.300] – Kate Deriso
I had a feeling you were going to ask me this next, because it’s the perfect segway from what we were
just talking about earlier, about pain. So my favorite quote, gosh, this has been one of my favorite
quotes for a really long time.

[00:23:42.240] – Kate Deriso
And it’s from a book called ‘Dynamic Stillness’ by Swami Chatananda. And he says, “Pain is your best
friend. It is infinitely more honest with you than pleasure. Despite what you may think, the painful
experiences you have had benefit you far more than the pleasurable ones, even though most of us
spend our lives trying to duck and hide from them. But when you can center yourself and be open to
look pain dead in the eye, then you have transcended the limits of your ego and this humanity. It is
then that you enter into the possibility of becoming a great being.”

[00:24:22.680] – Kate Deriso
So, I know that was really long, but I just think about how how that fits into Human Design and the
work that I do and how, when we look at the pain that we have, physical, emotional, spiritual, there’s
such beauty in it. There’s beauty because we can learn, we can learn and grow from it. And so that’s
my favorite quote.

[00:24:46.230] – Corina Holzapfel
Oh, I love that. It’s very, very deep and has so much profound wisdom.

[00:24:50.790] – Kate Deriso

[00:24:51.150] – Corina Holzapfel
And it’s actually yeah. It summarizes everything that we talked about a minute before.

[00:24:58.020] – Kate Deriso
Mm hmm.

[00:24:58.860] – Corina Holzapfel
Very, very powerful.

[00:25:00.900] – Corina Holzapfel
OK, so I just learned today that Kate is offering a group coaching program to people and she will
share all of her wisdom that she accumulated over the last, I guess, 20 years or longer. I don’t know…

[00:25:17.100] – Kate Deriso
22 years. Yeah.

[00:25:18.540] – Corina Holzapfel
So will you share a little bit about the program that you’re offering in November?

[00:25:23.180] – Kate Deriso
Yes. So, what I wanted to do is… I wanted to put together a group program for people who wanted to
be sort of in a collective and have a bigger group support around the transformation versus doing
one-on-one coaching with me. So, this program is called Mind Body Abundance, and it’s an eight
weeks course. And it is…. It goes through so many things with deconditioning, with understanding
your design. We tap into the Akashic records. I offer support around essential oils and flower
essences to help people with their mindset and deconditioning.

[00:26:12.030] – Kate Deriso
And, the biggest part of this is the abundance through the mind and the body. So, you know, we are
designed to be joyful. We are designed to be vibrant and healthy. We are designed to be abundant
financially and in our health and in our relationships. And so what this program does is it helps pull all
of that together so that we can have that coherence on the mind and body level. So then we can then
vibrate to pull in and attract all of the abundance that we are looking for in our goals, in our life, et

[00:26:53.130] – Corina Holzapfel
Wonderful. That sounds really beautiful. And that’s going to be like a Zoome coaching program?

[00:26:57.870] – Kate Deriso
It will. I like doing my programs on Zoom because I like the interaction. I’m not necessarily a fan of
doing stuff on Facebook because it’s only one way, you know, with that. So I like to be able to offer
people as much of myself and interaction and answering questions as possible. So this will be on
Zoom, yes.

[00:27:20.280] – Corina Holzapfel
That’s wonderful. And how can people find more information about it?

[00:27:25.110] – Kate Deriso
They can contact me directly via Facebook, Instagram or my website.

[00:27:31.900] – Corina Holzapfel
OK, wonderful.

[00:27:33.030] – Kate Deriso
It will be up there shortly.

[00:27:34.740] – Corina Holzapfel
Awesome. Thank you so much for being here today. It was a pleasure to talk to you from Manifesting
Generator to Manifesting Generator.


[00:27:43.890] – Kate Deriso
Absolutely. It’s been a real treat. Thank you so much for inviting me here.

[00:27:48.450] – Corina Holzapfel
You’re so welcome. And I hope you have a wonderful day and I wish you a lot of success with your
program. Kate.

[00:27:55.380] – Kate Deriso
Thank you so much. Corina.

[00:27:57.000] – Corina Holzapfel
Take care.

[00:27:57.660] – Kate Deriso

[00:27:59.970] – Corina Holzapfel
Hey, beautiful soul. Thanks so much for tuning in today. I hope today’s show had great insights, soul
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